About Us

Fibre Pak was initially established in 1973 by 4 friends who used to work in a corrugated board manufacturing company and then decided to venture on their own. It was then known as Syarikat Fibre Pak. The core business then was manufacturing `Paper Cores’ or Bobbins for the tyre industries. The Company was later incorporated on 8th August 1974, and thereafter manufactured paper or `Fibre Drum’ (Paper Cylindrical Containers) for chemical packaging. At that time, all machines involved for that process were designed and commissioned locally.
Along the packaging business, the Company diverse into corrugated paper business, merely because of the established market and the continued demand for corrugated products. It was then, the Company started to shift its interest to this sector, and now, is adequately equipped with machines to sustain a reasonable amount of business in corrugated products.
What We Do
Throughout the years, the Company has evolved to develop further by acquiring new skills and technology in packaging. With the view of reducing `labour intensive’ orientation, emphasis is on automation and control technologies. To boost production capacity, new machines have been acquired, enabling the company to better serve the growing demand of the market. With better machines coupled with improved work methods, work efficiency and productivity increased along with reduction in wastages hence ensure that Fibre Pak can meet its customers’ stringent requirements.
As a responsible manufacturer, Fibre Pak Malaysia is committed to reduce waste in its bid for environmental conservation. The Company is always finding ways to minimise waste of resources and practices recycling and pollution control in all aspects of its operations.

Our Mission

Our aim is to develop a `Total Packaging’ concept to provide `Complete’ service to our customers. This means that we undertake to conceptualise the packaging designs and materials from the very beginning to develop a well-designed packaging for customers’ products.
We will also help to source and supply other supporting or related materials for the packaging cartons. Hence, reducing customer’s time spent on conceptualising the packaging. A total packaging offering is effective in cost savings, reduction in time and less manpower for our customers.